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MyLocality Android App Usage

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How to use Android App

MyLocality android app can be used by citizens to report problems in their areas and for stakeholders to look into the problem list and respond when they will fix it. The android app is extremely easy to use to report local or traffic problems. Here is how you can use the app to report your local problems:

1. As a user you need to register and become a member of the MyLocality community. You can register via Gmail or Facebook, or fill in the registration form in the MyLocality community here: http://mylocality.in/register

2. If you registered via Gmail or Facebook, you need to set your password by selecting the "Edit my profile" from the header (near your photo in the header) as shown below:

After setting your password, the you need to join relevant communities (spaces). MyLocality has many public spaces (communities), some are related to traffic, others are related to local municipal problems. You should join the traffic space for your city as well as the local community where you live. To see all public available communities, go to this link after logging in: http://mylocality.in/spaces/

3. After joining relevant spaces, you need to download MyLocality android app on your Android mobile phones. Only Android version 4.0 and above are supported. To download the app, go to Google Play Store and search for "MyLocality" by Axero Solutions.

4. Once you have installed the app, open it and enter your email/username and password.

5. You will now be logged and ready to take pictures/videos of offences. Each offence you report will be submitted as a "case" on MyLocality website. Click "Take a picture" to take a photo of any offence, and after clicking that photo, enter the type of the offence, and the nearest location where the offence occured and click Submit to submit that case.

6. That's it. Your evidence will be submitted to our server and our team will examine and move to a relevant space for the authorities to take action. You will receieve a notification on your mobile confirming your case submission to our server.

7. You will get notification emails on any updates that might occur to your submitted case.

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