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Power Of Truth

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Truth, Despite being glorified since many years through books and religion, considered to be a pioneer of our society and system, is ignored by mankind.

Human nature entices us to do those things which we are advised against. Our parents, teachers and Saint have continuously given us an advice to follow truth strictly. But as we are humans and we tweak through our ways at our convenience, when it comes to truth. 

At a glance, our mind gets uneasy with the word “truth” as we are always inclined to use easy lies to avoid some fights, some disputes and some problems in life. Everyone here wants to make life easy, smooth and live happily ever after. But the reality is not as it seems. Problems are inevitable part of life but they will be different when they are followed by lies. Everyone has to go through the phase of a life where we need to make a choice. We need to make a choice whether we should be with truth and follow the tough way or want to take the path of lies,  which may seem easy in the beginning, but we learn to come back when we suffer the consequences.

As kids, our lies were always caught by parents and they used to correct us with kind love and stories. They used to tell us the stories of the power of truth. To live with it and feeling it’s very own fragrance is not comparable with any rewards we get. When we are with truth, it is not giving any weakness in our eyes when we look at the world. It gives a very own smile on face which will never fade by any factor. We make choices to be with right or wrong. Our mind calculates and tells us to be with wrong as it seems easy. But our heart gives inclinations to be right. To be with truth is not rewarding all the time. It has it’s own effects. But we never loose trust of our very own people who are matured enough to understand the value of it.

When we speak the real truth in front of our family, friends or teachers, we all know their reactions and may be intense for the moment or for some days or even some years. But we all know that they appreciate our courage in telling the truth despite knowing that it is harmful. It is courageous to be transparent to them, who made us. It is a strong but unavoidable step to follow too in our life. They know that we are bound to make mistakes. But when we knew and we learnt from it, just to get that in their knowledge makes a huge difference for them and it gives them immense happiness that my child or a friend or a student is learning the right way at whatever age. The feeling of being safe and on the right path can never be with them until we tell them everything including our mistakes and our wrong deeds too along with our learnings.

When we confess for our mistakes, they also feel that we have lived a life and know the value of courage to confess. Most of the time, I get a reaction of my confession bringing out their very own confession too. That makes relations stronger than ever.

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