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Exploring new directions together | Abhipraay Foundation

Exploring new directions together

Exploring new directions together

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Many women living in slum communities are illiterate or have limited education. They are often confined to traditional roles in the home, taking care of their families and households. They have limited opportunities to express themselves, learn new skills and contribute financially to the family, or enjoy any form of independence.
To give these women new opportunities to earn and to motivate them to think differently about their futures, Abhipraay offers a number of vocational courses for stitching, embroidery and mehendi trainings.
The skills acquired from the programmes provide women with the ability to seek outside employment or to work from their own homes providing services to their neighbours in the community. In the previous month over 50 women were enrolled in the stitching courses and 20 women for Mehendi classes.

In the future, this program will build upon real means of women empowerment program.So that some of the women, as graduates of the program, will also learn basic communication, computers or our soft skills program to improve their self-confidence.

We are trying to arrange outside employment opportunities for them, in case you come through any such idea or wish to volunteer for anything, please let us know through messages,mail etc.Come on Guys, we will explore new direction together.

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